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Shaping the Body and Preparing the Neck

The bodies were cut out of the blanks and glued together, next the body needed to be shaped into a smooth curvy form. The goal is to eliminate all the hard edges. Here is the near final product of the zebrawood and paduak guitar bodies.   Before that the screwholes need to be put into the back plate of the body. Here is the head luthier doing this task. Lots of work on necks. Lots of necks in general. I put the frets on to a fretboards. Preparing the hardware. In this picture the fretboard is being glued onto the neck.

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CNC routing the PGSG guitar body

There was great progress made today I got the body cut out from the top and bottom plates and made some neck blanks. It went smoothly using the CNC router. These were made today: Our philosophy is that the CNC router is the next step in the evolution of tools. It is a router that is controlled by a computer. It is fed a program to route a board as desired to a decent degree of precision. There is a wealth of information behind how to design and operate the tool. It is very finnicky and will only perform perfectly if set up in a great environment. First a board needed to hand a nice flat and even surface, so...

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Day one: A New Start

This is an Electric Hollow body with a 13 inch lower bout. It is in the sg style and will have two humbuckers each with a split coil. We are making these guitars in batches so enough materials for three is prepared. This starts with choosing the wood, two nice pieces of zebra wood and paduak were picked up the day before. They are good hardwoods with an even grain. Clamps and wood glue and a cnc router are the tools we use to join the boards On the cnc we cut a straight line across the board with a half inch mill end. This produces a smooth even surface that is flat. Perfect to join. The boards met up...

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