CNC routing the PGSG guitar body

There was great progress made today I got the body cut out from the top and bottom plates and made some neck blanks. It went smoothly using the CNC router.

These were made today:

Top and bottom plate for PGSG

Our philosophy is that the CNC router is the next step in the evolution of tools. It is a router that is controlled by a computer. It is fed a program to route a board as desired to a decent degree of precision. There is a wealth of information behind how to design and operate the tool. It is very finnicky and will only perform perfectly if set up in a great environment.

First a board needed to hand a nice flat and even surface, so it was sent through the drum sander a few times.

drum sander sanding a board for PGSG

Next it gets clamped down tightly and centered, the zeros are set, and the routing is performed. Here is the machine in action. It doesn't look like it but it's loud. 

CNC at work


It needs to be cleaned out and maintained like any other tool.

Jay the luthier cleaning his CNC

In the end these two nice pieces of padauk are ready to be joined

Top plate for PGSG

Bottom plate for PGSG

Here are the reverse sides

While the CNC was working, I spent some time making neck blanks as well. They were traced out to prepare for the bandsaw.

neck blanks drawing

Once finished they needed to have fresh surfaces put on and sanded to exact size in the belt sander.