Bridge Review and Testimonial

Reviews from people who have used the split saddle bridge
"I was building a guitar for the very first time. I knew that bridge placement could make or break the build, so I was nervous. I knew that I needed some wiggle room just incase I glued the bridge on a little too far forward / back. Luckily while doing some research I came across Portland Guitar's Adjustable Compensations Guitar Bridges. This bridge fixed every problem that ever could arise while doing the final set up of my guitar! I contacted Max and Jay to see if I could purchase one of their bridges. They were beyond helpful. They allowed me to purchase a bridge blank so I would still be able to shape it as desired. Both Max and his Dad (Jay) are sweethearts and a joy to do business with. 
Setting up the bridge was very straight forward and easy to do. You can carve each individual saddle to get the action desired and then just use the little tool they give you to move the saddle forward/back until the intonation sings. I am so happy with how my guitar sounds and I know I couldn't have done it without this bridge. Not only that, but it looks super cool too. Thank you so much Portland Guitar for being so kind and inventing the perfect bridge."
--Olivia Elia 
You can visit the guitar that Olivia made and check our her website here


Hi Max.

The guitar is done with your adjustable bridge, working great.

Tuning the guitar is easy with the bridge.

Thanks for the help.

Olli Pennan

guitar with compensated bridge


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