Cantilever Neck: Adjustable Action

Change your action on the higher frets with the twist of a bolt. An easy adjustment and your guitar’s entire voice will change, with this feature one guitar becomes many guitars. Easy to play low and light one day or high for some slide the next. This feature makes the guitar fit to the style that you play rather than the style that we set it up for.


Check out a Video of the Neck in Action:  


Portland Guitar uses a tilt-action neck that is completely hidden from view. In order to make a change the strap pin at the heel-stock is unscrewed and a hex driver can be inserted into the socket. By making a small turn the angle of the neck to the body can be changed from outside the instrument. It is possible for the acoustic guitar owner to make millimeter adjustments to the height of the strings above the fret board without changing the bridge saddle. No more going into a shop for a bridge replacement or fretting over humidity. 

adjustable action on an acoustic guitar in use. Left is higher, right is lower.


Check out some of the art and marquetry

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  • I seek a neck joint such as this.
    Building es175 hollow bodies is great. I am able to achieve intonation and string action time and time again. Building an acoustic I am assured lousy action and no intonation every time I set a neck in glue.

    Do you sell neck and block which can be truly adjusted ?


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