Guitar Reviews and Testaments

This is a collection of reviews and friendly letters sent to us by owners of a Portland Guitar. 


Posted to Facebook by Richard Steiner who has this custom short scale bass

acoustic short scale bass guitar

Friends –

I’m posting to “reveal” my new acoustic bass guitar, custom built and designed by



It’s truly a beautiful instrument, and has tech features that I won’t go into here, except to say that @portlandguitar developed creative solutions to many of the ever-present technical issues with acoustic guitars (e.g., intonation).

The sound of the instrument is fantastic. Unlike other acoustic basses, it doesn’t “try” to sound like an upright bass or an electric bass…it sounds like an acoustic bass guitar. And, it has enough depth and volume to blend with other instruments in a room without needing an amp.

I can’t say enough good things about these guys. They took the time to understand my playing style and to build an instrument that looks great, plays great and was fit for my particular playing style. They worked collaboratively with me to design and build an instrument within my budget and stayed true to the budget throughout the entire process.

@portlandguitar builds guitars because they love building guitars, and it shows. Thank you Jay and Max!


An email from Frank Tupay owner of out Bolivian rosewood with Adirondack spruce plain jane OM. 

rosewood acoustic guitar made by a luthier


Received the guitar yesterday.

Looks and sounds wonderful.

I'm sure I will be playing this guitar for many years. I checked out your website. Your dad makes some beautiful guitars. He is a gifted craftsman and luthier.

Best wishes to you and your dad 




This pico brazilian rosewood was an early build and bought by Paul Silverstone.

boutique acoustic guitar by guitar maker and luthier portland guitar


Hello Max,


I am both thrilled and impressed by your little guitar!


Performance (for lack of a better term): The tone is every bit that could be expected of a guitar of its size - nice treble and bass with nice fundamental/overtone balance that is very consistent across the strings and up the neck.  Relative to size, the volume is ample and full sounding.  The neck size and profile are comfortable to play.  Your good fretwork enabled a very low and even action as you set it up, including the low relief, neck angle and nut slot height.  Intonation with the adjustable saddles is very good. 


Aesthetics: While I could cite a long list praising the many finish and aesthetic details, I can succinctly say that its artistry and craftsmanship is gorgeous!


Physical design:  Who is the structural engineer that designed the braces?  Like truss-drilled I-beams with a high strength to weight function that probably contributes to the guitar's tone and volume.  I will enjoy the neck angle and intonation adjustability.