Acoustic Short Scale Bass

  • The Final Guitar

    The final pictures of a completed bass guitar.
  • The Art to Inlay the Fretboard

    All of the artistic choices on this unique short scale bass.
  • First Tones from the Bass Body

    Jay the luthier hears what his acoustic bass will sound like through a tap tone. Also, The neck is made on the cnc router
  • Everything Braces!

    How Portland Guitar makes braces for an acoustic bass guitar
  • Preparing the Body

    These photos follow the journey of a bass guitar in build process. Rosette and preparation to glue the body together are in this batch
  • Joining the top and back and preparing the sides

    The bracing will be falcate. I'm worried they will be too light so I'm aiming for a little thicker.Here's today's photos.*The joined top.*The joine...
  • Acoustic Bass Short Scale Step 1: The Woods

    This is an acoustic bass guitar built for a gentleman in Chicago. In talking about the build a preference was made for a more modern design. It wil...