First Tones from the Bass Body

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. It’s a strange time but we will get through it together. It’s helpful to us to focus on building guitars. We’re about halfway through this one. The next steps are to get the body together afterwards the neck and fretboard. Here are its first sounds.

Here is Jay taping the top.
This is the body once the top and back have been glued on .
The body needs to have the scratches removed so it is gently put in the vice and sanded.
The body is done and now it’s on to the neck. The table saw is used to make the board into a 3”x3” cube

By tessellating the necks in our mahogany board two neck can be gotten out of one piece. The band saw has good flexibility to cut the outlines for the neck. 
The neck blank cutout is put in the CNC. The entire job is done over four sides. First the top, next the back then both sides. Here is the CNC working on the top.
The completed top of the neck base.
The work on the side of the heel.
The completed job.

Our attention now turns to the fretboard. Jay has been giving complete artistic license on this guitar, so he has decided to do ornate marquetry with a day and night theme.
I’ve been spending my quaran-time playing guitar and I hope it brings everyone a little stress relief.
Best, from Max and Jay.

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