Musician and Producer Endorsements

“Working with Max and Jay at Portland Guitar to build a custom acoustic has been such a wonderful experience. They took the time to give me an in depth tour of their shop and share the special techniques Jay has created to improve his guitars. His technique shows in the quality of the guitars! Each guitar I played felt comfortable and sounded excellent. They bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to the process, truly ensuring you’ll build your dream guitar together.”
--Matt Greco, The Rye Room recording studio
"Each guitar I played had projected well and had great tone. The care put towards perfect intonation allows the overtones and harmonic frequencies to ring out and fill the room."
--Marisa Anderson


"I have a soft singing voice, so was looking at parlor guitars for suitable accompaniment. My, am I thrilled I found Portland Guitar Co., right here in my hometown! The all-mahogany parlor they picked out for me is a joy and easy to play, sounds rich and full, and has features one wouldn't expect on such a reasonable-priced, hand-made instrument. Bravo!"
--Dusty, Rocketship


"Portland Guitars builds guitars that speak for themselves. They have a full body sound that resonates from a beautiful-to-look-at crafted guitar."

-Katie Sawicki, The Cabin Project


"Max from Portland Guitar recently invited me to come to their showroom in SW Portland to try out some of their guitars. I was blown away by their craftsmanship and generosity. After just a few minutes of speaking with them and playing the guitars, it was evident that their proficiency for technical specifications is met with an equal aptitude for creativity. This beautiful combination produces wonderful acoustic instruments that are made to last. I am very excited to receive my custom guitar when it is finished!"
- Jeremy from Library Sound Recording


"I really enjoyed playing through the guitars in the Portland Guitar showroom. Lots of craftsmanship and innovation on display and it was easy to tell that Jay and Max are really passionate about building great guitars. Definitely worth checking out!"
- Colin Ranney, singer-songwriter solo/Part Time Perfect


"Max Dickson's locally made, handcrafted guitars are gorgeous on the eyes and ears, and easily customizable. Get one in your hands today and turn the volume up to eleven."
-- Jay Boss Rubin (Los Chinches, Big Duck)