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The bodies of these Brazilian beauties-part 1

Welcome to the third post following the journey of these soon to be Brazilian rosewood guitars. It is time to turn a few pieces of wood into a curvaceous body. This is a much less CNC intensive process, we use it slightly for the top and to join the back. The main tools we use to get the shape of the woods right are a fox style bending machine and a go-box. The Brazilian rosewood has a rich smell that is delightful to work with. We are excited to hear the first sounds!To get a precise join both pieces of the back or top are placed in a shooter board then a ¼” bit runs down the side. The CNC...

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Building the Neck with the use of CNC

With the woods picked out Jay moves on to the neck. We do most of the heavy lifting on the CNC. We get the shape of the neck close to where we want and then go in with the orbital sander to finish up. The artistic goal with these necks is to use lots of binding on the fretboard and headstock with inlay. There is a lot of detail and attention paid to the setup of the CNC to ensure that the right channels and shapes are routed. To make the top level the board is placed in a clamp and two machining plates with magnets underneath are used to make sure it is level. Then a planning bit goes...

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