Part 6: Finishing and steup

We’re ready to start finishing! These are getting closer and closer to hearing and seeing their final form. An airbrush is used to spray water born ploy urethane onto the body and neck. The thickness is thin to ensure maximum responsiveness of the top. The finish is sanded and polished until it shines. This is a difficult process that is easy to mess up with too much sanding or too thick of coats.

Here is jay spraying a coat onto the body. It’s held on a popsicle stick so it can be rotated easily.

The finish is sanded off at progressively higher sandpaper grits.

The coat must rest before sanding. The amount of time the layer cures for is important. The longer it’s left the harder and more difficult to sand it gets. We opt for a lot of thin layers sanded quickly between them.

after the final coat is applied the body is sanded at a high grit and polished on the buffer.

The bridge is glued on. But first a wood surface must be cleared on the top. An exacto knife is used to score the finish. It is taped off to make sure the rest of the body isn’t hurt.

The bridge is glued on

the nut is made

These are done for the neck and both guitars and know they are finished.

Next will be the final pictures

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