custom guitars made in a woodworking shop at the business Portland Guitar

Custom Guitars

The logo of Portland Guitar. A rose on a guitar headstock with black tuners.

The Luthier Advantage


The luthier of Portland Guitar, Jay Dickinson. maker of handbuilt instruments

Meet the luthier.

acoustic guitar musicians and artisits play the guitars in these songs and sounds clips

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Adjustable Intonation Bridges

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Welcome to Portland Guitar. We strive to build affordable custom acoustic guitars using the best materials and the latest guitar technology. Each one is a unique guitar with its own soul and life. Please look at our variety of handmade instruments and custom acoustic guitars. They are made by a woodworker and luthier of fifteen years. Some innovations revolve around adjusting intonation. Each acoustic and acoustic-electric guitar has a special compensation bridge. We strive to be your personal luthier and can fit the guitar to your needs. Please subscribe to the newsletter and reach out to us with any questions or comments!