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Adjustable and Optimized: A Guitar Tailored to Fit

this is a guitar luthier who makes more than fine acoustic guitars. he strives for art in his creations. unique acoustic guitar rosettes and good acoustic guitar binding
when you guitar intonation is sharp or flat more acoustic guitar compensation is needed at the bridge. The solution is the split saddled compensated acoustic guitar bridge for perfect intonation

The Perfect Compensation Split Saddle Bridge

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Reviews of handmade guitars and bridges

They took the time to understand my playing style and to build an instrument that looks great, plays great and was fit for my particular playing style. They worked collaboratively with me to design and build an instrument within my budget and stayed true to the budget throughout the entire process.

Rich Steiner

Looks and sounds wonderful. I'm sure I will be playing this guitar for many years. I checked out your website. Your dad makes some beautiful guitars. He is a gifted craftsman and luthier.

Frank Tupay

The guitar is done with your adjustable bridge, working great. Tuning the guitar is easy with the bridge. Thanks for the help.

Olli Pennan

Welcome to the boutique acoustic guitar shop of Portland Guitar

Who We Are

For fifteen years Jay Dickinson of Portland Guitar has strived to build affordable custom acoustic guitars using the best materials, latest techniques and his patented guitar innovations. Each creation is unique, with its own soul and life. His guitars are optimized to take advantage of engineering principles to provide brilliant low, mid, and high frequency responses.  

Please look at our variety of handmade instruments and custom acoustic guitars, and reach out with any questions or comments. Check out our facebook, instagram and newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive updates on what we're doing around the shop. 

the guitar luthiers jay and max dickinson are acousitc guitar builders in there shop in portland oregon. both artists and craftsman of wood. follow along in the guitar shop blog

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