A father-son operation comprised of Jay and Max Dickinson. Jay is the luthier and guitar maker while Max runs operations.

Jay is a lifelong mechanical engineer and wood worker with many projects under his belt. He has a master’s degree and 20 years of experience working as a failure and acoustic analyst.

We strive for robust, elegant guitars where quality is the main ingredient. An ethic of improvement and never good enough is applied to every project. Perfection in handmade instruments is not possible, but we aim to get close.



Jay the guitar luthier and Max

Jay's Work History:

Building guitars full time since 2005
Wood working experience since 1960
Playing guitar since 1973

Education: BS in Physics, MS in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience: Basic Research, Reliability Physics, Failure Analysis, Reliability Engineering, and Acoustic Engineering, Program Management, Laboratory Management.


My background includes a bachelor's degree in physics, a master's degree in mechanical engineering, more that twenty-five years in corporate physics and engineering positions, plus a lifetime of woodworking experience and artistic craftsmanship. During the first twenty-five years of my professional career I worked on a range of programs including basic research in charged particle beam propagation (ray guns) at The Stanford Research Institute and the development and management of a reliability physics laboratory and an engineering acoustics laboratory at Hewlett-Packard. After leaving the high-tech corporate environment I started building guitars full time. As a largely self taught luthier I have built a fully outfitted shop capable of executing all of the functions and procedures necessary to build the highest quality instruments possible. I possess a passion and dedication to the pursuit of perfection and for delivering functional art that surpasses customer expectations and results in true customer delight.


Jay the head luthier fondles his guitar