The Beginning of a Pair of Brazilian Rosewood OMs

Hello Everyone! We are back with a new build. The last couple were successful, so Jay has decided to make a pair of Brazilian rosewood OM’s. The goal for these two are understated elegance. One way he will achieve this is to give all edges a border. Jay has around ten Brazilian rosewood sets, he stocked up on them eight years ago.  This first post shows the woods that will be used and starts to get the neck. Let us jump into it!


One set of Brazilian rosewood.

Snake wood binding.

The complete set of wood used for one of the guitars. The plan is to use a cedar top.

For the second guitar

Adirondack spruce top for one.

This is a piece of high quality khaya mahogany.

Amboyna burl for the headstock

Neck blank in the cnc.

Two necks after they have been through the cnc.

The headstock.



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