Part 4: the body comes together`

Brazilian Sisters Part 4

The sides are together, and the frame is complete.
The next thing to do is prepare the top and back then glue them together to complete the body.
Both are coming together quickly. Pretty soon they we will be able to hear how the body sounds.

The Adirondack rosette of amboyna burl inlayed in three spots.

The braces are placed on the top and adjusted until in the right place.

They need to be trimmed to their final size before they are glued on.
Then they are glued down using a radiused bowl that sits in the go-box.


The braces will be sanded down to a smaller size with the orbital sander.

Jay cleaning up some glue on the tail piece.

The back and top are aligned on the frame.

The body is glued together. Jay finds that tape is enough tension to make a tight fit.

The neck bolt holes and cleaning up the pocket.

Cleaning up the edges.

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