The Art to Inlay the Fretboard

Welcome back to our acoustic bass guitar build. We have the body together and the neck close to complete. We need a fretboard and a headstock plate to glue to the neck blank before the body is complete. The headstock, fretboard and bridge are all matching ebony. The theme of the guitar is to use our signature wave with a day and night theme.
The fretboard marker dots are replaced with medallions depicting the rise and fall of the moon and sun. A pocket will be routed in the fretboard and these will be placed in it.
Here is the CNC working on those routes on the fretboard.
With that the fretboard can be glued onto the neck blank. Our neck and body is complete and the neck can be attached to the body.
These are the final pictures of the guitar in the white before it is finished.

The scale length of the neck is short at 30” which is why it doesn’t look as large as a typical bass guitar. That’s all for now. The next step is to put the finish on.
Best wishes from Max and Jay

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