A Guitar is Born

This guitar was finished today. It was a personal build for myself. It is one of the PGSG’s. It is an electric hollow body with a 13 inch lower bout. The fret-board and head-stock are ebony. Silver tuning knobs. Two humbucker pickups with a three point switch and a split coil so you can turn a single coil on or off. There is also an ebony bridge with the split saddle nut to allow for intonation changes.

The boldness of a Portland Guitar with fine intonation

A rich mixture of reds and blacks creates a density of change in the east Indian rosewood top. Complimented by the rich beiges with a bright feeling of the Spanish cedar body and trim. Lose yourself in the sparkle of the matte finish. The horns give a sharp contrast to the smooth body and neck.

fretboard of a luthier's custom build

An abundance of sounds to play with. Beefy mids are provided by the front and back humbuckers. Go for big mids with both or switch between the front and back for a higher or lower pitch. If you prefer something crisper in the highs change them to a single coil with the push-pull knobs. A great combination between bright and deep. Adjust the nuts on the saddle to perfect your intonation using a simple method that’s easier than turning a screw.


Portland Guitar headstock