Day one: A New Start

This is an Electric Hollow body with a 13 inch lower bout. It is in the sg style and will have two humbuckers each with a split coil. We are making these guitars in batches so enough materials for three is prepared.

This starts with choosing the wood, two nice pieces of zebra wood and paduak were picked up the day before. They are good hardwoods with an even grain.

Zebra wood and Paduak for a PGSG buildpaduakzebrawood

Clamps and wood glue and a cnc router are the tools we use to join the boards

On the cnc we cut a straight line across the board with a half inch mill end. This produces a smooth even surface that is flat. Perfect to join.

The boards met up well, a nice even strip of glue was present in the set phase of the glue

There wasn’t enough for a full zebra wood so this lacewood piece was used instead.

Here they are finished.