Unshaped Split Saddle Bridge

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     A new version of the split saddle bridge with a one piece plate. This is easy to keep track of and provides a sturdier base. It can be swapped out with a plate holding a conventional bridge. 

     This is a bridge with a split saddle nut. This provides a new level of adjustment for builders and musicians alike. The nut can slide back and forth with half an inch of movement possible. This allows for each one to be individually compensated for the clear intonation. Like a tune-a-matic bridge but with wood. This makes the top of the guitar lighter and it looks natural.

      The bridge facilitates relaxing installation. There is a tolerance for where it is placed. When it is glued in the right area and adjusted it will perform as well, if not better than a compensated saddle. 

     For this item the bridge is only a blank and unshaped.  Your choice of ebony or rosewood. I will do my best to ship these out within a day or two of receiving the order. 

     Please reach out if you're an interested builder or player. 



6 Split saddle nuts

6 split saddle plates

bridge blank

Tuning fork


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