OM Brazilian Rosewood with Spruce Top Wave Design

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A distinguished, smooth and unique guitar. Playability and sound are at the forefront due to the Brazilian rosewood and well grained Adirondack spruce. A rich warm sound with a long resonant decay. Excellent projection and a bass responsive sound are brought by the spruce. Each note is articulate and distinct. The luthier worked with care on each aspect of the guitar to ensure quality.

The marquetry and artistry go the next step. Waves border the edges and snakewood binding wraps around every edge with black-white-black accents. Amboyna burl is both on the headstock and within the sound hole.

This includes a couple inventions and innovations unique to Portland Guitar. One is the patented split saddle bridge. Each saddle nut can be adjusted to ensure perfect intonation up the fretboard. Springs are used to make sure the saddles stay in place when tuning. In addition, a cantilever neck is utilized to change the action to your preference. It is accessible from the heel where the strap pin is. A, provided, allen wrench is inserted and with a small turn the action is changed. The next innovation is a curved carbon fiber enhanced bracing system with optimized brace strength. This allows the guitar to be more responsive and resonant.

The action is set medium-low with some tilt from the neck. The fretboard is floating which allow for easier access to the higher frets. The neck shape is a medium thick rounded C-shape. There are 20 frets total and 14 clear to the neck.
This is built to last for generations. We will provide any repairs, support and warranty work needed at no cost. The price includes a hard-shell case and shipping.


Frets to clear to the body: 14
Total frets: 20
Frets metal: silver
Tuners: Gotoh 510
Width at nut: 1.72 in
Width at body: 2.30 in
Neck profile: tapered medium thick D-shape
Action: medium low
Neck: kaia mahogany
Headstock: amboyna burl
Top: Adirondack spruce
Back: Brazilian rosewood
Sides: Brazilian rosewood
Purfling: waves
Binding: snakewood
Accents: black-white-black
Fretboard inlay: snakewood with accented borders
Rosette: amboyna burl
Contra-rosette: amboyna burl
Scale length: 25.4”
Upper bout: 11”
Waist: 9”
Body size: 15” OM
Bracing: curved (falcate)
Bridge: split-saddle
Headstock logo: Portland Guitar rose
Neck joint: Bolt-on

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