Cat's Eye Acoustic Electric Hollow Body

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Versatile and distinct, this guitar plays with a loud and clear tone while unplugged and a meaty and crisp with the pickups. The cat’s eye sound hole and large air cavity create acoustic resonance that is loud and easy to hear.

Blue resin inlay borders the sound hole and appears in three groups on the body and neck. This unique look creates the sense of cat scratches to pair with the cat’s eye sound hole. Soft edges make the guitar easy to wrap the arms around.  

A wood bridge gives the acoustic sound a crispness and acoustic guitar aesthetic. The saddle is not a regular compensated saddle. The intonation can be adjusted individually at each string with a little push, instead of the need to turn a screw as in other bridges. It is possible to achieve perfect compensation in this manner. Play in tune all the way up the fretboard.

    The neck profile is a medium thick rounded D-shape with a flatter top. A floating fingerboard allows for easier access to the high frets. An innovative cantilever neck allows the player to adjust the action at the 12th fret. A key can be inserted into the heel stock and with a small twist the neck angle changes.

    This is a hand-built instrument. As such it has handmade imperfections. We try our best to eliminate every defect that we find, but some cannot be fixed or hidden. It is the nature of the craft and gives the guitar part of its soul.

    This guitar is one of the first in in its line. It has been sitting around the shop, so it’s accrued some dings, as pictured. The price is low for a luthier crafted instrument, reflecting these flaws. Despite this, it’s a great guitar with a beautiful look, feel, features and tone.


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Body size: Small parlor double cutaway hollow body-- 13” lower-bout

Pickups: golden age alnico 5

Neck profile: medium thick D shape

Neck Joint: Three point easily adjustable bolt on neck

Bridge: Portland Guitar Split Saddle Bridge

Action at 14th fret: Adjustable

Tuning machines: Gotoh 510

Headstock: Rosewood

Body: Maple

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Bridge: Rosewood

Fingerboard width at nut: 1.68”

Fingerboard width at neck joint fret: 2-1/4''

Scale length: 25.4''

number of frets clear to the body: 14

number of frets total: 20