Four Brazilian Guitars Begin

     We’ve started a new round of guitars. The idea when building is that the set up time is going to be the biggest pain point. Getting out each jig for the specific job it does takes time. Setting up the clamps and files for the cnc is also time intensive. To fix this the practice of building many guitars at once is being tried. This allows the jigs and setups to be used multiple times while out.

    This round is another set of Brazilian rosewood guitars. We recently bought a few more sets of this so the time to build with it is now. There are going to be two 14” bodies and two 16” bodies. As well there are two tops, Adirondack spruce and western red cedar. These combinations make four guitars. Here are pictures of those woods. The tops are already joined and the rosette channels are routed.

The neck blanks as well have been completed

Next is the sides, here they are bent with curfing on

The blocks need to be glued in to hold the two pieces together

Observing his work


The edges must be sanded

A stack of frames

Now it’s time for the fun activity of cleaning out the shop. So much wood dust.

These are going to be some great guitars. I’m excited to see and hear what they will be like.